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Designing Your New Property from the Ground Up

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New Property
Fashion enables us to express ourselves wherever we go. Interior design, however, allows us to not just express ourselves, but to impact our mood and our quality of life. A well-designed home is one that feels comfortable. It is one that encourages you to be your best self. It is one you enjoy being in each and every day.
Never underestimate the power of design, nor the importance of your personal space. Moving offers the best opportunity to design from the ground up, because your new home is a blank canvas waiting for your personality and creativity to paint beautiful strokes.
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New Property


Your design choices begin with the home you choose. You need to remember that dream homes are very rarely found, but often built. While you do not have to build your home from the ground up, looking for the potential in a property is your next best thing. You will want to look primarily at the location and space. The more open you are to where you live, the more choices you will have in terms of space. If you want to live in a coastal town, for instance, stop looking in Los Angeles or even San Diego and instead direct your search towards Ventura homes.


Once you have your new property, it is time to spruce it up. There are a lot of fixes that you can make before you move in, after all, but these fixes should be towards making the home look cleaner and function better. Paint the walls with a primer, redo the floors if they’re worn, spruce up its curb appeal, and generally give it a deep clean. Consider this as prepping your property for the more creative design choices you will make in the future.
New Property


The best interior design cannot hold up against a property that does not have enough space for you and your family. Even having enough rooms isn’t enough, because your belongings can quickly take over if you are not careful. That is why it is useful to add in custom storage solutions into your existing closets now, so that when you unpack everything can have its place. If you need more space, add seamless storage spaces in the nooks of your home, so that your efforts to design your home don’t get drowned out by overflowing belongings.


When it does finally come to making design choices, you will want to be patient. Create a plan for the room. Find inspiration, consult your family, and build your dream room in your head before you go out and buy things that might not work out later. The more patient you are when implementing your design, the better. You want each piece to tell its own story while it fits harmoniously with the design of your home. You want to give yourself time to create the perfect design.
Design is incredibly personal, but by addressing issues in function first, you can ensure that your designs shine. Be patient and make designing your home a lifelong ambition, and you will have a place worthy of magazines.

Monday, May 21, 2018



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Outdoor Remodeling
The perfect home isn’t just about the interior design, but the outside as well. Spending time outdoors, especially in the summer, is the perfect pastime. Picture yourself lounging in the backyard, sipping on lemonade and listening to music. If there is something that every backyard needs it is outdoor furnishing and décor. Picture a backyard with nothing more than grass, dirt and rocks. The idea of sipping lemonade all of a sudden becomes less appealing knowing you have nothing comfortable to sit on. Every backyard needs décor for food purposes as well, to make the outdoor experience more enjoyable.
That being said, don’t forget about ensuring your pet is happy with the backyard as well, should you have one. Last but not least, there are many family fun additions that can enrich your backyard. These outdoor remodeling ideas will be expanded on below.
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Outdoor Remodeling


Cooking and eating in your backyard is a must every summer. It’s the perfect way to spend an evening after work or even a weekend afternoon. No outdoor space is complete without outdoor kitchen cabinets.Danver designs manufactures a wide array of cabinetry that is meant for the outdoor kitchen. From a variety of designs and colors, the cabinets can make any backyard patio look luxurious. Function, style and durability are the most important factors of an outdoor patio. After you have furnished your patio, you can research some inspiration for the perfect summer BBQ. All that is left is for you to invite your friends and family over.


If you own a pet, particularly a dog, your backyard is a very important place. You should be able to open up the back door and let your dog out for some fresh air! In order to do so, a backyard fence is crucial for your pet. Your canine companion requires a good fence to not stray from the backyard. You do not want to end up chasing after your pet, especially as they may wind up near a highly trafficked road. Keep this from happening with a fence. You can choose anything from wood, chain link, aluminum or vinyl depending on your personal preference.
Outdoor Remodeling


Now that your pet is safe and you have the appropriate cooking furniture, spice up the backyard with some additional fun décor. If you have kids in your family, turn your backyard into a playground.Adding some fun to your backyard will make everyone happy and make the time spent outside your house more enjoyable. Add a chalkboard wall, a zip line, a swing and even a tree house! All of these furnishings will keep everyone in the family excited and make for an afternoon well spent in your own backyard. You could even add a tent in the backyard and go camping overnight! Who says you have to drive far to experience the fun of a camping trip?
The outdoor remodeling ideas mentioned in this article will enrich your backyard experience and make spending time outside your house all the more enjoyable. These tips are great for the family and your pet, as well as for having friends over for an outdoor feast. Your staycation awaits you after you have remodeled your outdoor home space.

Sunday, May 06, 2018


ARCHITECTURE: 4 Impressive Garage Designs to Inspire Your Renovation

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Garage Designs
Your garage is actually a really important part of your home but it’s too easy to neglect it and fall into the habit of letting it deteriorate, becoming cluttered and full of unwanted rubbish. This prevents many people making the most of their space. What a shame – garages are such a great feature to have; great for storage as well as offering protection for your vehicles.
Here, we’re going to explore four different garage designs that show the potential of a garage – and may hopefully inspire your next renovation.
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Garage Designs


When it comes to keeping your vehicles protected, you should be going that extra mile when it comes to security and protection. This is why steel construction garages are one of the best options you can get. The best thing about them is obviously how strong they are. Steel material is durable and can withstand some of the worst weather conditions from heavy rain, to snow and strong winds. They also need little maintenance because of how durable they are; steel garages can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Steel is fire and pest resistant too, proving to be a great structure to use for a garage.


You may have heard horror stories about leaky concrete garages but what many don’t realise is how durable they really are. With a finish that lasts for many years, you can have a garage that will last as long as your home. Concrete doesn’t burn and usually has a hard aluminium roof to supports its fire resistance. Modern concrete garage designallows you to choose from any size, adding windows and other requirements and extras if you so want.
If you’re looking for some extra living space at home, a concrete garage is great for this. You can convert your garage into a living room, dining room, study room or a home movie area.
Garage Designs


This might not be for everyone but it’s a great option for those on a budget. A shed garage consists of the shell of a garage without the floor, making costs lower because there is less building required. This can be used as a great protector for vehicles and other items and could also make a good working space for a project. Some advice though – ideally, this type of garage isn’t the best option for storing personal items of higher value in that you are worried about losing as it isn’t as sturdy as other types.


A brick garage is a great idea for those of you who are thinking about remodelling or repairing the original exterior of your garage. Brick is a common material that is often used for exteriors and needs little or no maintenance. You won’t be obliged to give it a lick of paint and it’s highly fire and pest resistant. Being weather resistant, a brick garage won’t be vulnerable to bad weather conditions such as or snow, strong winds or heavy rain. They’re also known to keep heat out in the summer and in during those cold winter months.
Hopefully, you now have some garage inspiration and can finally get a move on with that renovation you’ve been planning!